/r/seashanties Q1 2017

1 hour 2 mins by Sails, Whales and Whisky |

This show is about the posts to reddit.com/r/seashanties in first three months of 2017. Some great stuff and some surprises too.

Skinny Lister - Fourty Pound Wedding
Chicken on a raft - young tradition
24th of February - Ian Giles
Space Shanty - The Senate
Free and Easy - UCD Choral Scholars
Bully in the Alley - ?
Barretts Privateers - The Real Mackenzies
Rolling Down to Old Maui - Stan Rogers
Leave Her Johnny - Dave van Ronk (Paul Clayton and Focsle Singers)
Sailor Likes His Bottle O/Emma Let me Be - Tom Sullivan
Shores of Botany Bay - The Bushwackers Band
Ring Down Below - Storm Weather Shanty Choir
Liverpool Judies - Danny Spooner